When our site is browsed, Oni Telecom receives and records some browser information from our websites users. This information is collected based on the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of information that Oni or third parties send to computers, tablets, phones, or other devices during the visit of our websites. Therefore the site when revisited recognizes the device by identifying cookies.

What type of cookies do we use?

Cookies can be classified into two groups:
Session: Are temporary cookies, which exist only during a user’s visit to the website and are destroyed when the session is closed, either actively by the user or by the existence of some downtime.

Persistent: Are cookies that although usually have a limited time, are kept in the client browser after the session is closed. They allow the safeguarding of information for future sessions from the same user.

For what purpose are collected cookies?


Contain information strictly necessary for the normal use of the site. They are the type “session” and their purpose is to ensure the navigation and functional qualities for which the site was designed.


Are used specifically to improve the performance of websites, they can be of type “session” or “persistent”. They only contain technical information and aren’t used for any other purpose.
These type of cookies are used by services like Google Analytics, which generates cookies that collect information regarding the use of our sites. For example, which pages are most visited or if the pages are properly loaded.
It is, however, only collected anonymous information to allow the improving of the website´s performance.



Allow a more intelligent navigation, retaining choices and settings made by the user of a site. They can be of type “session” or “persistent”.


Allow the target of advertising based on the characteristics of the user’s navigation. They also allow a more efficient experience by limiting the number of presentations of an ad to the same person.

How can I manage cookies?

By selecting the appropriate settings of the browser it is possible to accept, decline or delete cookies. The respective function is selected directly in the browser menu “options” or “preferences”.

How do I disable cookies?

You can choose to turn off all cookies via your browser configuration. Each browser has its own characteristics. Help option should be consulted to identify the correct way to modify your cookies. Please notice, that disabling cookies may stop the access to some web services and features that make browsing sites more quickly and efficient.

Who has access to the information contained in the cookies?

The information collected by Oni´s websites cookies is used exclusively to improve performance, navigation features and provide a more efficient promotion of Oni´s products and services. The information access and use is limited and exclusive to companies within this group.

How can I manage my consent?

You can review and/or modify your consent in [cookie_settings]. As an alternative, if you disable cookies you will be asked to consent again.