Narrow the distances between people and systems

Connect the headquarters, the various branches of your company and also your employees working remotely.

Our solutions integrate a single data, voice and video network. We guarantee a safe, private and competitive answer to the challenges of each business.

Bespoke design

Converged solutions of Voice and Data tailored to your business requirements.


Employees always connected to your organization resources, even in remote working scenario, with total security.


Secure access to different Datacenter applications and Cloud solutions, with guaranteed information integrity.


High accomplishment, reliability and availability


Cloud access

Fast and reliable connections from your data centers and locations to your workloads in public and private clouds.

For cloud projects where performance and security are requirements, internet access is not the solution. For this we can provide dedicated connections with various topologies (point-to-point, VPN) where you’ll be able to establish a wide hybrid cloud, accessing your workloads in a transparent way.

In addition to being able to do it with the ONI cloud, we can connect to the numerous POPs and Regions of the main Cloud Service Providers.


This VPN is ensured by the use of switching technologies, security and privacy. The MPLS technology was developed in order to implement the association of privacy and QoS (Quality of Service) with the flexibility and scalability of IP.

Ethernet networks

It provides organizations with a high-performance and resilient connectivity solution, allowing access to applications and the exchange of information to take place as if it were the same LAN.

This E-LINE Ethernet and E-LAN Services offer enables the establishment of different levels of quality of service for different types of traffic, in three topologies: Ethernet Private Line (point-to-point), Ethernet Virtual Private Line (point-to- multipoint) and Virtual Private LAN Service (full-mesh connections).

Leased lines

We operate an NGN-SDH (Next Generation Network) and DWDM network with national coverage, supported by Carrier Grade equipment that ensure high capacity and reliability. We have a wide national and international coverage through an Iberian ring with access to any part of the globe, through world-renowned partners.

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