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ONITELECOM – INFOCOMUNICAÇÕES, SA, a Portuguese public limited company headquartered at Avenida D. João II, Lote 1.16.01, 8º Piso, Parque das Nações, 1990-083 Lisbon, Portugal, with a share capital of € 4,680,000 (four million six hundred eighty thousand euros) with unique registration number and person collective 504 073 206.

Contact Points

The Customer Service Line is available through our website.

Information about the electronic communication services
Description of the provided services:

Mobile Voice Service

Service that allows the CUSTOMER, from a mobile handset, to make and receive national, international and roaming communications, make and receive data communications, send and receive text messages (“SMS” – short message service), multimedia messages (“MMS” – multimedia message service) and access to emergency numbers through a number or numbers in a national or international telephone numbering plan.

Mobile Data Service

Service that allows access to the Internet and to make mobile data communications in national and roaming territory.


Service that allows to make or receive voice calls and send or receive data (including SMS, MMS and Internet access) in any country as if in Portugal, through the operators that Oni has agreement with. The voice and mobile data roaming service, may at any time be activated/deactivated with no extra cost through CUSTOMERS SERVICE 16500, which is able to provide all information related to the roaming service.

This service is available by default for all mobile service tariffs that can be subscribed nationwide.

When in roaming in the European Economic Area (EEA includes European Union, United Kingdom, Norway and Liechtenstein), voice calls and SMS between EEA countries and mobile data service are discounted to their respective plafond at no additional cost to their use in the national territory. Once the plafonds have been consumed, the extra-plafond tariffs of the respective plan will apply.

Mobile Services

Assembly of all services above mentioned.


More information about service coverage available at CUSTOMERS SERVICE 16502.