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ONI IARC , the offer of “Infrastructures suitable for Hosting Electronic Communications Networks” by ONI, is published in compliance with Art. 17, paragraph c) and Art. 21, nº 1 of DL123/2009, with the wording provided for was given by DL 258/2009. This offer provides electronic communications operators with access to and use of conduits and associated infrastructure, owned or managed by ONI, for the purpose of installing cables and associated equipment, with the aim of building their own electronic communications networks.
All details of the offer can be found in the PDF documents, available for download on this page.

Who is it for?

ONI IARC is an offer exclusively addressed to Electronic Communications Companies, customers, recognized and authorized by ICP ANACOM, to operate in the national electronic communications market.


This offer facilitates access to ONI’s existing conduit infrastructure, allowing the client operator a greater coverage in terms of geographic coverage and an optimization of construction and maintenance costs.
It enhances the optimization of resources, contributing to the practice of a responsible environmental policy.



1 – Características Técnicas das Condutas e Câmaras de Visita

2 – Critérios Avaliação Espaço em Condutas e Infraestruturas Associadas

3 – Procedimentos de Gestão de Pedidos

4 – Formulários

5 – Credenciação

6 – Manual de Procedimentos e de Especificações Técnicas

7 – Regras de Facturação

8 – Declaração de Direito de Acesso e Utilização